Abdul Kadir appointed as Vice President of the London Region of the "British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry"

It is with great pleasure that we annouce Abdul Kadir as the Vice President. The British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BBCCI) was founded in 1991 by a group of Bangladeshi businessmen in the UK. The purpose of setting up the BBCCI was to promote trade and investment opportunities and co-operation between the UK and Bangladesh.

The chamber offers a wide range of services to both Bangladeshi and Brtish companies already involved in or planning to become a part of a long-standing bilateral trading relationship. These services include the provision of business information and research, seminars and workshops, cultural advice and networking opportunities.

The chamber works in close co-operation with Bangladesh business specialised agencies, Bangladesh High Commission in the UK and the British Embassy in Bangladesh, UKTI, Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of commerce and Industry and other local chambers.4

More details can be found on: http://bbcc.org.uk/.