Helping the environment

We believe changing the way you travel to work can reduce climate change effects and local air pollution. As an organisation all our colleagues are provided with travel costs via public transports.

Our office attitude is wherever safe to do so, we turn off all unused electrical equipment over night or when not in use - especially computer monitors and other equipment which gets left on standby switch off lights not being used reduce the size of documents and print double sided to save paper. We have added the slogan ‘Think before you print’ to the bottom of our emails.

Since we work in the legal industry, we have began in January 2009 to start scanning client documents, to reduce usage of paper, ink by photocopying documents and applications, this way we have reduced at least 2000 copies a week, and since June 2015 all client documents are scanned. (Please note there may be occasions where we may have to photocopy/print documents however this will only be in exceptional circumstances). All scanned copies are secured and backed up.

To conclude we believe making you aware, it might also push yourself to go the extra length to help the environment, so lets work together to create a better future.

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