Migration Show with ICS Legal - Thursday 6th Sep 2018

ICS Legal will be going live on BEN Television Sky Channel 175 on Thursday 6th Sep 2018. You can see the show on their website: http://bentelevision.com on Thursday if you are either outside of the UK or do not have access to Sky. 

Focus on the show

The focus on the show is to discuss the UK's Immigration Law, how Brexit will impact immigration control as well as the EEA nationals/family members right to remain in the UK and discussion on Human Rights as well as British Nationality law. We expect to take some calls from our viewers and provide general advice. These advice is for general purposes only. 

Timetable of the show

  1. The show will be live once a month. 

  2. Show will start at 6:30pm until 7:30pm. 

  3. The show will be live on: Thursday 6th Sep 2018. Thursday 4th Oct 2018. Thursday 8th Nov 2018. Thursday 6th Dec 2018.

  4. Further listing or any changes to the above listing will be updated on our website. 

About BEN TV

BEN is a Black and Ethnic oriented, urban, diverse and cosmopolitan Family Channel, established to provide a wholesome mix of entertaining, educative and informational programmes suitable for family viewing. It includes ranges of cultured programming to empower, transform and challenge the conventional perception of Africa, Caribbean and African-descendants in Diaspora. “Bridging the Gap”.

What sets BEN apart from other channels, is its positive general black-oriented, youthful and diverse cultural-educational programming format along with its enlightening current affairs shows which serve to throw light on issues plaguing the African and Caribbean Continents.

The UK is estimated to have an ethnic population count of more than 3 million which represents about 7% of its total population. This in addition to the Ethnic population in Europe, America and North Africa which gives BEN Television a strong global consumer presence.

The primary target audience is and rational to about 12% of the daily growing audience of more than 13 million homes in Britain who use Satellite and Digital reception whilst accessible to millions across the world – www.bentelevision.com.