ICS Legal invited to speak at the St Paul’s URC

Our team were invited to speak with a group of people at the The Small Hall, St Paul’s URC, Croham Park Avenue, South Croydon CR2 7HF on Tuesday 1st Oct 2019. 

The purpose of this short conference was to deliver about the changes Brexit will bring to the local community, as well as British Nationality Laws, and other part of UK Immigration Laws. At the end of the session, a short Q&A was done. 

It was important to go and speak with a local community based in Croydon, to demonstrate about some of the misconception related to immigration and how,in fact, immigration provides support to the community as well as jobs, economy and social well being. 

We look forward working with local communities and will continue to do these outreach projects, to inform and explain the impact on UK Immigration Laws.

If you need further information on this, you can speak to our legal team on 0207 237 3388 or email them on info@icslegal.com