Our People

At SK-Associates we take pride in attracting the industry's brightest minds to form our distinct perspectives. It is their diverse set of skills, personalities and experiences that makes us one of the  leading consultancy firm. 

Our name encapsulates the idea of true partnership between the leadership and teams in the group. This is reflected in the way the group is governed. Our Advisory professionals are trusted advisors of the world’s leading organzations focused on creating and sustaining value for our clients. Our professionals work with senior leadership across functional areas, applying our expertise and deep industry knowledge to develop innovative, technology-driven solutions to solve our clients’ business challenges and help them grow and achieve financial results.

We help clients create and sustain value by:

  1. Establishing strategies to change, grow, adapt, shape and respond to disruptive forces.
  2. Engaging with customers on their terms.
  3. Turning their technology vision into reality.
  4. Embedding governance, risk and compliance throughout their organization, supply chain and business ecosystems. 
  5. Mitigating threats to their operations, IT systems and business.

The Managing Partner
SK-Associates is the Managing Partner, responsible for the overall management of the company and the group's lead holding company. This includes, among other things, establishing the strategic direction of the business, supervising the accounting and financial information, and directing the internal control framework for the group entities on a consolidated basis.

Clients trust that our perspectives are rooted in depth of experience. But this doesn't stop our talented teams from objectively researching and tailoring every solution to serve our clients' needs. The advice we give and the solutions we develop are considered, strategic, and focused on the long-term. This includes from our legal consultancy to asset management and IT solutions. 

We treat our clients' challenges with the same care and responsibility that we apply to our own business and money. We see integrity and empathy as the basis of long-term trusted relationships and a progressive business. This is reflected in an extraordinary personal commitment to our clients' challenges and consistently high execution standards in everything we do.

12 years of legacy in entrepreneurship and the promotion of imaginative solutions for our clients means we have always been open to new ideas. Our depth of insight and track record give us the confidence to embrace innovative new solutions for our clients to jointly solve their individual challenges every day.

It is the external environment, which is always changing. Some changes are so dramatic that everybody notices them, but others may creep up on an industry over the years and be largely ignored for too long. We support our client in change management within the digital technology enviornment. 

Changes take many forms and create new challenges. For an industry as a whole, it may well be that:

  1. New technologies become established. Our IT services support our client's with their change and capacity management. 
  2. Employees' skills need revising to take advantage of new technologies.
  3. New laws are passed that require changes in how businesses operate eg both Brexit and Immigration Laws has impacted a number of clients, so we have strategized the changes for them and their stakeholders.