Hamilton-Webb (www.hamilton-webb.com) and Jobs Library (www.jobslibrary.co.uk) to be launched soon


Hamilton-Webb aims to attract clients who appreciate highly skilled staff . It exists with an enviable track record, our work is to measure and ensure your recruitment is dealt within the time frame you provide us, this is normally 10 working days. With a team of professionals at hand, your recruitment needs are never compromised, we appreciate that you require the assistance of a team that can handle the process at ease without involving you in the complications, and our deadlines are always met keeping all clients pleased.

Our aim is to attract, develop and retain highly skilled individuals within this market sector. We have rigid and unique processes to identify high calibre candidates on behalf of our clients. At Hamilton-Webb our candidates represent our brand name, so every selection we make, our clients understand and acknowledge the quality we put forward, hence why we work in tandem with top employers who appreciate the value of such an individually tailored service. The sheer existence of Hamilton- Webb is a talent to the recruitment world, our service, our candidates; our delivery is a mere composition.

Jobs Library

“Our candidates formulate business branding” 

Recruiters: Online job posting has become the alternative for recruiting staff, as it reduces the overall costs of recruitment, in these situations businesses cannot afford to spend thousands of pounds on agencies to provide them with workforce.

As a business consultancy that understands those needs, we have implemented a site that will provide you with the services just like a personalised recruitment consultant. For businesses we comprehend the complexity involved in finding the perfect partner to control your HR and in turn increase your business aims and objectives to that standard you need.

Candidates:  As for individuals seeking a new post, or to further their career, we surely have all the tools to bring forward those opportunities. We have now made available a dedicated mail account to you, so that you can correspond with your prospective recruiters directly. Our recruitment site, JobsLibrary is also built in response to our candidates, it allows candidates to build up their profile which recruiters can use to look at potential employees, candidates are also able to search company profiles to name few.